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Disaster relief efforts

Once again in 2018, natural disasters affected many parts of the world – from devastating earthquakes in Japan to severe hurricanes in parts of the US. Smith & Nephew employees around the world devoted their time and made donations of money and supplies to provide assistance.

Gas explosion in Massachusetts

On 13 September 2018, Andover in Massachusetts, US and the surrounding towns suffered a tragic accident when utility workers accidentally over pressurised a gas line causing multiple explosions across the Merrimack Valley. Over 30,000 people were forced to leave their homes and as many as 40 homes were damaged or destroyed.

How did we respond?

Fortunately, our Andover employees were not directly impacted by the explosions, but many were indirectly impacted by losing all gas utilities and having to evacuate their homes. A small group of HR employees telephoned every potentially impacted employee to make sure they were safe. The team also worked with the events team to identify local hotels where affected employees could stay, funded by the Company and resources that employees could use.

In the aftermath of the event, more than 8,600 households in the community were left without gas utilities. This impacted four major areas of daily life, access to home heating, hot water, laundry and cooking fuel.

Community Outreach

In addition to serving employees, the Smith & Nephew site donated more than 275 electric slow cookers to the Essex County Community Foundation to be distributed to those in need. We also orchestrated a winter clothing drive collecting hats, blankets, gloves, and scarves to be donated to underserved neighbourhoods.

Caring for employees and our community neighbours in time of need may be an option for some organisations, but for Smith & Nephew it’s a requirement.

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