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Variable-Angle Locking Plate System

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Product Information

The design of our VLP◊  FOOT system includes indication-specific plating

  • Screws for every bone
  • Plates for every indication
  • Variable-angle locking technology

Features and Benefits

Variable-angle locking screws

Low profile construct
Compression slots

Osteopenia Screws

Whether used primarily or as a bailout screw, fixation is improved over that of a standard screw. In extreme cases gain confidence and peace of mind by providing locking osteopenia screws.

Plates for Every Indication

Anatomic designs are contoured to match specific anatomy and indications. Versatile designs were created to be used for multiple indications.

Plates for each indication and surgical technique, including MTP Fusion plates, Calcaneus Fracture plates and a Column Fusion plate designed specifically for Charcot Reconstruction

Forefoot/Midfoot Plates
Quarter Tubular Plates
Quarter Tubular Compression Plates
MTP Plates
TMT Plates
Barbell Plates
Utility Plates
H-Plates (must be ordered separately)

Midfoot/Hindfoot Plates
One-third Tubular Plates
One-third Tubular Compression Plates
Calcaneal Plates
Column Fusion Plates
Multifragment Plates
Fusion Plates (must be ordered separately)


Indicated for fracture fixation, reconstruction or arthrodesis of small bones, including those in the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.

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