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Still TSF, only smarter

The SMART TSF Circular Fixator introduces new functionality to the established TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME System

Learn about the next step in the world’s most widely used hexapod:

Building on success

  • New struts: Featuring 0.25mm adjustability.
  • Step-Off Plates: Allow Struts to be mounted off the Ring
  • Dynamization Kit: Struts can be dynamized, which is designed to introduce controlled axial dynamisation.
  • Conversion Kit: Enables a static frame construct - an alternative to a hexapod - by using Threaded Rods to connect rings that are not parallel.
  • Wire Tensioner: Re-designed to improve handling, make calibrations more visible and eliminate the need to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Torque Wrench Handle: Extends away from the frame; designed to eliminate hardware collisions.
  • Wire Fixation Bolt: Combines slotted and cannulated option in one design. Hex recess enables control with the 3mm Set Screwdriver.

Updated software with Real Intelligence

The software that supports TSF has been completely over-hauled. The SMART TSF Beacon can be attached to the TSF and captured in X-ray images. When uploaded to the SMART TSF software, the Beacon serves to scale and calibrate the X-ray image. When the Beacon is used, mounting parameters are digitally calculated and deformity/fracture parameters can be input using digital image analysis tools now included within

There are four deformity analysis methods in SMART TSF:

  1. Manual entry based on measurements taken outside of the software
  2. Origin and corresponding point method, using digital X-ray images within the software
  3. Trauma Dots – define the edge points of two bone segments on X-ray images in the software to view the digitally-reduced fracture
  4. Super Dot – define the rotation point on X-ray images in the software and digitally restore the alignment

SMART TSF components are retrospectively compatible with all existing TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME System hardware. SMART TSF software supports constructs assembled using classic TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME System hardware.

Surgical technique

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