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The WEREWOLF◊ System is designed using COBLATION technology to address all joint soft-tissue types.

For ideal surgeon control, the WEREWOLF System utilizes FLOW~IQ◊ to provide 5 operating modes as well as AMBIENT real-time monitoring and over-ride controls.

  • Low: designed and indicated specifically for articular cartilage
  • Medium: designed for dense tissue (Meniscus, Labrum)
  • High: designed for bulk debridement (ACL stump)
  • COAG: 2 coagulation settings provide hemostasis during surgery
  • Vac: designed for keeping a clear view, removes bubbles and debris"

QUANTUM  2 Wands

Most QUANTUM 2 Wands are compatible with the WEREWOLF System. The WEREWOLF display screen automatically adjusts to the QUANTUM 2 format when QUANTUM 2 Wands are used.

Manufactured by ArthroCare Corporation, 7000 W. William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78735

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