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What is CARGEL Bioscaffold?

CARGEL Bioscaffold is an easy, ready-to-use product applied during a single-step bone marrow stimulation procedure. It is easily prepared by mixing a buffer, a chitosan solution and the patient’s whole blood to create a liquid bioscaffold, resulting in superior cartilage repair.1,2*

How does CARGEL Bioscaffold work?

  • Physically stabilizes a more voluminous blood clot1-3* 
  • Provides structural framework for subsequent cellular ingrowth2-4
  • Impedes blood clot retraction1,2,4,5
  • Generates an adhesive bond between clot and surrounding cartilage3,6
  • Why choose CARGEL Bioscaffold?

    Proven Performance

    • Greater quantity of repair tissue1,5
    • Statistically significant difference in % fill over five years with CARGEL Bioscaffold compared to microfracture alone.
    • Better quality of repair tissue1,5
    • Statistically significant difference in T2 relaxation time* over five years with CARGEL Bioscaffold compared to microfracture alone.


    - Single-step system4
    - Liquid scaffold conforms to any lesion shape

    - Arthroscopic or mini-open
    - Suited for most cartilage lesions in the knee joint**

    *As compared to microfracture alone.
    **Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) for a complete list of indications and contraindications. 


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    Clinical Evidence

    CARGEL Bioscaffold Clinical Evidence

    CARGEL is an advanced bioscaffold technology for enhancing cartilage regeneration and is supported by Level 1 clinical evidence demonstrating improved quantity and quality of tissue repair over microfracture alone at 5 years post-op1.


    CARGEL Videos

    CARGEL Bioscaffold Educational Videos and Testimonial

    CARGEL is an easy to use, off the shelf product indicated for use in cartilage repair procedures. It is designed to be applied through a minimally invasive, one-step cartilage repair procedure.


    CARGEL Bioscaffold Surgical Technique

    CARGEL Bioscaffold Steinwachs Arthroscopy

    CARGEL Bioscaffold MOA Animation

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