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Total Hip Solution

POLAR3 Total Hip Solution


Trusted technology.  Trusted performance.

The POLAR3 total hip solution, powered by Smith & Nephew’s proprietary VERILAST technology, has the best survivorship figures of any total hip construct according to the world’s largest national joint registry.1 VERILAST Technology is a combination of our proprietary OXINIUM heads and a highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) liner, shown to have the best revision rate in three joint registries.2-4 

For outcomes that outperform and to get patients back to life’s important moments – the solution is clear.

Download Resources

Download the POLARSTEM Evidence chart

Download the AOANJRR Annual report for VERILAST

Download the POLAR3 Total Hip Solution Messaging Brochure

Download Evidence in Focus: POLARSTEM 10-Year Survivorship Study

Download Evidence in Focus: POLAR3 Total Hip Solution delivers excellent performance with high survivorship at 8 years

Download Evidence in Focus: Arthroplasty register analysis: NJR bespoke summary report POLAR3


National Joint Registry Reports

Download the OXINIUM Hips NJR Registry Information

Download the R3 Cementless Cup NJR Implant Summary Report

Download the POLARSTEM Cementless NJR Implant Summary Report

Download the POLARSTEM Cementless (OXINIUM, XLPE, R3 Cup) NJR Implant Bespoke Report


1. National Joint Registry for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man Annual Report 2018.

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