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Surgery System

COBLATOR II ENT Surgery System


The COBLATOR II Surgery System is designed for ablation, resection, and coagulation of soft tissue and hemostasis of blood vessels in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) surgery. Using patented COBLATION technology, the system dissolves tissue at the molecular level in a highly-controlled manner with minimal thermal effect on surrounding tissue. In addition to a wide selection of Plasma Wands designed for specific ENT surgical applications, the complete system is composed of a COBLATOR II Controller, a flow control valve unit and cable, a foot control unit, and a hospital-grade power cord.

Features of the COBLATOR II Surgery System include:

Coblate/ablate and coagulation functions

  • Efficient tissue ablation during ENT surgical procedures
  • Bipolar coagulation for achieving efficient hemostasis

Compact design with integrated flow control unit and foot pedal

  • Easy system setup and operation

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The versatile ENT COBLATION plasma technology cart provides the convenience and organization that the operating room requires. The mobile cart allows all the COBLATOR II system components to be stored easily, including the COBLATOR Controller, foot pedal, IV pole, and flow control valve allowing for efficient procedure setup.

Features and Benefits of the COBLATOR II ARTHROCART


  • Extra shelves used to store foot control and additional ENT Wands
  • Easy cable management


  • Small footprint of 26" x 26" x 40"
  • Ergonomic handles for precise maneuvering
  • No assembly required


  • Velcro strap stabilizes and secures COBLATOR II system in place
  • Conformed to U.S. tilt test IEC 301-1-1

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