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COBLATION Plasma Technology


A minimally invasive, low thermal technology for effective dissection and removal of tissue, COBLATION technology is ideal for such ENT procedures as tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, reduction of hypertrophic nasal turbinates, laryngeal polypectomy and lesion debulking, soft palate, snoring and sinus surgery.

Over 10 million procedures have been successfully performed using our COBLATION Plasma Technology since the introduction of the first tonsillectomy Wands in 1998.

While most radiofrequency-based surgical products, such as lasers and electrosurgical devices, use imprecise heat-driven processes to remove or cut tissue, our COBLATION Plasma Technology creates a controlled, stable plasma field to precisely remove tissue at a low relative temperature, resulting in minimal thermal damage to surrounding soft tissues.

COBLATION technology chart

Integrated saline and bipolar energy

Plasma is formed by creating a high density energy field within an electrical conductive fluid, such as saline. A key to sustaining a stable plasma layer is our patented saline delivery system. Without integrated saline, plasma must be formed using the body’s interstitial fluid, which dissipates quickly once energized.Our COBLATION Plasma Technology uses bipolar energy to help control the amount of energy and heat delivered to the surrounding tissue.

Controlled, continuous plasma

By combining bipolar energy with continuous saline delivery, our COBLATION technology devices are able to create a stable plasma layer of only 100μm-200μm thick around the active electrode. This allows for the precise excision of tissue while minimizing the heat that is transferred to the patient and ensures a controlled amount of plasma throughout the entire procedure.

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