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How does RENASYS tNPWT compare to V.A.C.™?

A large-scale retrospective study compared  RENASYS tNPWT to V.A.C.TM and found them largely comparable in terms of clinical performance and patient experience.1

94% of patients treated with RENASYS tNPWT achieved their treatment goal, compared to 90% with V.A.C.TM 1

Treatment with RENASYS tNPWT resulted in a 65% wound area reduction, compared to 64% with V.A.C.TM 1

RENASYS tNPWT achieved a weekly wound reduction rate of 9.7%, compared to 9.4% with V.A.C.TM. 1

Both devices reached the treatment objectives in 8 weeks (median).1 

Read the key evidence comparing RENASYS vs V.A.C.


Comparing RENASYS™ AB with ABTHERA™

In an in vivo study, RENASYS AB was shown to be as effective as ABTHERA™

  • Both devices are capable of efficiently managing large volumes of fluid2
  • Fluid removal over time was comparable2
  • Both devices left similar volumes of residue2
The information herein is intended for healthcare professionals. RENASYS is contraindicated in the presence of untreated osteomyelitis, exposed arteries/veins/organs/nerves, necrotic tissue with eschar present, malignancy in the wound, non-enteric and unexplored fistulas, and exposed anastomotic sites. Excessive bleeding is a serious risk associated with the application of suction to wounds, which may result in death or serious injury. For full product and safety information, please see the Instructions for Use.


1. Hurd T, Rossington A, Trueman P, Smith J. A Retrospective Comparison of the Performance of Two Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems in the Management of Wounds of Mixed Etiology. Advances in Wound Care. 2017;6(1):33-37
2. Dunn R, Tessier H, Hammond V, Webster I. Ability of Commercial NPWT Systems to Manage Fluid in an Experimental Open Abdomen Study. Paper presented at: WSACS; 2017; Canada.

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