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PICO◊  continues to succeed in wound care.

Meta-analysis demonstrates statistically significant performance in surgical site infection prevention.

A 2017 meta-analysis*, carried out by Dr Strugala, has demonstrated the efficacy of PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) used prophylactically for SSI prevention in closed surgical incisions.

This compelling clinical evidence demostrates how PICO sNPWT may provide cost and time efficiencies and improve outcomes for patients.

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Impressive outcomes in closed surgical incisions

Within the meta-analysis, PICO sNPWT performed consistently across a wide range of closed surgical incisions and patient requirements, with potential cost savings compared to standard care.

  Orthopaedic reconstruction – 60% reduction in SSI, NNT of 161
Abdominal – 56% reduction in SSI, NNT of 112
Caesarean section – 49% reduction in SSI, NNT of 153
  Colorectal – 71% reduction in SSI, NNT of only 54


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To provide the most robust performance data on PICO sNPWT, this meta-analysis was based upon credible, large-scale study information.

Over 2000 closed surgical incisions, based on 16 published clinical papers.
  Inclusion of all key studies, with no selective restrictions.

A reliable meta-analysis approach with weighted aggregate data for accurate representation.

Improved wound infection prevention

Dr Strugala concluded that PICO sNPWT, when compared with standard care, could potentially create budget and time savings on SSI through prophylactic application.

  A 58% reduction in SSI, on average, across the meta-analysis5
  Only 14 needed to treat (NNT) to prevent one SSI, potentially providing considerable cost savings by comparison.

Demonstrated clinically effective in reducing dehiscence

In the study, PICO sNPWT provided statistically significant improvements in the prevention of wound dehiscence. Across 6 studies and over 1200 incisions, PICO performed better than standard care.

  A 26% reduction in wound dehiscence6
  NNT of 22, demonstrating considerable potential savings by comparison.

Reduced hospital length of stay.

Over 8 studies of more than 700 patients, the prophylactic use of PICO sNPWT had a significant effect on alleviating the time and budgetary strain of hospital LOS.

  Average LOS reduced by nearly 0.5 days7
  Colorectal laparotomy patients had their LOS reduced by over 5 days8

This meta-analysis is further evidence of PICO’s innovation and clinical performance, and we are proud that proactive, prophylactic use can help staff and patients, with potential efficiencies in both nursing time and treatment costs.

Try PICO and compare it to your current dressings to discover how it may help you get CLOSER TO ZERO surgical site complications. Please contact us with any specific or challenging patient requirements.

Full details of Dr Strugala’s study are available here, or download our shareable summary PDF.


*of 16 published studies.
1. P=0.03; 5 studies, 549 patients.
2. P<0.0001; 7 studies, 950 patients.
3. P=0.007; 3 studies, 742 patients.
4. P=0.0004; 4 studies, 208 patients.
5. Meta-analysis included 10 RCT & 6 observational studies, Reduction in SSI (16 articles included): 1839 patients (2154 incisions); PICO 5.2%; control group 12.5%; p<0.0001.
6. p=0.01; 6 studies, 1068 patients, 1291 incisions.
7.  p<0.0001, 8 studies, 725 patients.
8. p<0.0001.  3 studies, 149 patients.