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ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive

ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive

ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive is being discontinued as part of the streamlining of the ALLEVYN range, making advanced wound care simpler and faster for clinicians and patients.

ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive

As the next generation of silicone foam dressings, multi-layered ALLEVYN Life builds on the key features of ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive, and offers:

  • A wide border designed to securely fit body contours, and allow patients to shower1-3
  • A silicone wound contact layer for minimal pain on removal, and allow repositioning4,5,6
  • A protective masking layer to minimise the visual impact of strikethrough (in vitro)7
  • A change indicator to optimise dressing changes8
  • A hyper-absorbent lock away core to handle exudate6,9
  • Absorption of common wound odours (in-vitro)* 10


ALLEVYN Life is available in three designs:

  • ALLEVYN Life: unique quadrilobe shape and wide border
  • ALLEVYN Life Sacrum: unique tail designed specifically for sacral wounds
  • ALLEVYN Life Heel: provides coverage to the malleolus


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ALLEVYN Range Update


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