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ALLEVYN Cavity is being discontinued as part of the streamlining of the ALLEVYN range, making advanced wound care simpler and faster for clinicians and patients.


ALLEVYN Cavity is a highly absorbent, three-dimensional dressing designed to overcome the problems associated with treating deep wounds.

Building on these features, DURAFIBER, the new-generation, high-performing gelling fibre dressing, is ideal for the treatment of deep and shallow wounds with medium to heavy exudate.

DURAFIBER is comfortable to wear, and meets the many challenges of exuding wounds:

  • Transforms into a soft, cohesive gel sheet which contours closely to the wound bed1-3
  • Minimal shrinkage may aid sustained coverage of the wound1-3
  • Clean one-piece removal1,3
  • High absorbency1,3


DURAFIBER can also be used in conjunction with a range of ALLEVYN dressings4

Read more about the benefits of DURAFIBER here.

ALLEVYN Range Update


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