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Easing the burden of chronic wounds

Discover how using ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings and the One more day approach may help improve efficiency, quality of care, and improved patient satisfaction1-7 

Demand for wound care is increasing, alongside growing expectations and cost constraints,8,9 with unnecessary dressing changes and visits potentially having a significant impact on risks and efficiencies.1,10

It’s time to rethink community wound care.


Understanding the challenge

Wound care accounts for 2-4% of total healthcare expenditure in Europe, costing a mean €6,000 to €10,000 per patient with wounds each year.11 Efficiencies are needed.


How to address the cost of chronic wound care

Optimal dressing choice and the avoidance of unnecessary dressing changes may help:

- Improve patient experience12
- Enable undisturbed healing and reduce the risk of wound infection12
- Alleviate pressures on nursing time12

However, improving efficiencies depends on three key areas:


Time to try ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings for one more day

The One more day approach has been developed for patients who could benefit from a little more wear time and excellent exudate management;13 or who might not need to see their nurse as often.


Supported by real-world clinical evidence

Clinical data, based on practical use of ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings, continues to demonstrate the potential to drive clinical and economic efficiencies.

1.48 fewer dressing changes per week, with a 58.7% saving in mean weekly dressing costs…and improved patient satisfaction.*7
Read a new 2021 community-based Spanish study

64.4% reduction in mean dressing costs per patient, with a 79.6% reduction in the mean number of dressings used per patient per week.**1
Read a study about implementing ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings 

Rated better than previous dressings by over 90% of clinicians, with reductions to weekly dressing changes and mean costs.***5
Read about introducing ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings in a community setting

Introducing ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings released 397 hours per week in a study, with a 67.9% increase in wear time. ****6
Read about the potential positive impact on wellbeing


Watch an animated summary of ALLEVYN evidence


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 Reasons to switch to ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings

Maintain exudate management and comfort – ALLEVYN LIFE dressings with EXULOCK Advanced Lock-in technology provide effective exudate management,6 and high levels of patient comfort and confidence.*3,4

Promote patient self-care – The EXUMASK Change Indicator helps patients and carers take ownership of wounds,3 whilst simultaneously providing good/high patient satisfaction through fewer dressing changes.1,4,5

Balance caseloads and budgets – ALLEVYN LIFE dressings can be worn almost twice as long as standard foam dressings, and are proven to help reduce the cost of dressings and visits.**1

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Identifying suitable patients

The One more day toolkit is suitable for patients who meet the following criteria:


How ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings work


Need help?

For further information and guidance on ALLEVYN Foam Dressings and the One more day toolkit, please contact us.

Helping you get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequence of wounds.1

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, effects, precautions, warnings, and important safety information, please consult product’s Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to use.


*Compared to previous dressings. Ambispective (retrospective and prospective) observational study. 1.66 ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings vs 3.14 previous dressings (foams or gelling fibres); n=94; p<0.001). €11.46 ALLEVYN LIFE Dressings vs €27.75 previous dressings (foams or gelling fibres); n=94; p<0.001).
**Compared to previous dressings. n=37. Dressing retention is 1.92x longer. Cost efficiencies demonstrated when used with appropriate training, education, and promotion of practice change.
****n=38. Time saving based on previous dressing, estimated for 169 patients requiring ≥3 visits per week.
*****Based on a product evaluation.

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Watch an animated summary of the evidence

Try ALLEVYN LIFE Foam Dressings for one more day, to help limit unnecessary patient visits and dressing changes.

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