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What's new?

What is new with ALLEVYN Gentle Border?

ALLEVYN Gentle Border is a range of versatile foam dressings to suit multiple wound types, providing an optimal moist environment for positive wound outcomes.1,2

ALLEVYN Gentle Border has recently introduced several new features including:

New wound contact layer

  • Still the same gentle1 silicone adhesive, the wound contact layer now has 43% larger individual perforations. This means more foam is exposed on the wound contact layer to absorb exudate3.
  • New testing has shown a 35% significant improvement in speed of fluid uptake for a range of exudate, including viscous (in-vitro)4 into the dressing with the new wound contact layer compared to the previous ALLEVYN Gentle Border wound contact layer.
  • The health of the periwound and surround skin is important as a part of wound assessment.  The new wound contact layer shows an increased breathability of the border by 20% (in-vitro).5

New testing

  • ALLEVYN Gentle Border absorbs a range of viscosities of exudate, including thicker, more viscous exudate (in-vitro).6  New testing has shown a significant improvement of speed of viscous fluid uptake by 35% (in-vitro).4


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