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Versajet* System set up



Set-up of the Console

  1. Connect the Foot Switch Cord to the receptacle on the front of the Power Console.
  2. Connect the Power Cord to the back of the console and to an appropriate outlet.


Set-up of the Disposable Hand piece Assembly with Pump Cartridge

  1. Circulating Nurse: Open outer bag, ensure that the sterility of the inner bag is not violated and transfer contents to the sterile table.
  2. Scrub Nurse: Open inner bag and remove contents. Remove pump cartridge (with coiled bag spike hose attached) from packaging. Uncoil high-pressure hose. Hand the pump cartridge and coiled bag spike hose to Circulating Nurse.
  3. Circulating Nurse: Turn console knob counterclockwise to the 4:00 position. Insert the pump cartridge into the cartridge nest. When in the proper orientation, the high-pressure hose is directly above the clear supply hose. Push the cartridge in until the handle contacts the front surface. Turn console knob clockwise to the 6:00 position and verify the "door" light turns off. Remove sterile cover from bag spike and insert into sterile fluid supply bag. Use saline bags that have a capacity of at least three (3) litres.
  4. Scrub Nurse: Remove clear exhaust hose from packaging. Hand end of exhaust hose to Circulating Nurse.
  5. Circulating Nurse: Attach end of exhaust hose to waste container. Ensure there are no kinks or other external obstructions in saline supply, high pressure and exhaust hoses.
  6. Circulating Nurse: Plug one end of the power cord into the back of the console and the other end into a proper electrical outlet. Turn on the main power switch. Make sure the foot switch is plugged into the connector on the front of the console and verify that the foot switch light is not illuminated.
  7. Scrub Nurse: Remove the hand piece from the packaging. While holding the hand piece, depress the foot switch for several seconds to prime the system. The Versajet hand piece will create a hissing sound at the tip of the instrument with a visible fluid jet aimed down the evacuation tube once primed.
  8. Nursing Staff: Once the system has been primed with saline, do not allow the saline bag to empty; an empty bag will allow air into the system, reduce the device's system's efficiency, and require re-priming the system. Therefore, always change to a new saline bag before the bag in use empties. Take care when switching bags to prevent air from entering system by closing off the saline spike hose with the pinch clamp.
  9. If the device tip becomes blocked with foreign matter, it will typically be noticed by a reduction in device efficiency or the presence of spray from the tip. Remove the hand piece from the wound site. Stop the jet flow by releasing the foot switch. Remove the obstruction with forceps taking care not to touch the opening in the high-pressure jet. Once removed, depress the foot switch and check that there is a single coherent jet flow. If the obstruction is not completely removed, repeat procedure.
  10. After completing debridement, disconnect the Versajet Disposable Assembly from the power console by opening the clamp handle and removing the pump cartridge by pulling it straight out. Discard assembly.


CAUTION - Each Disposable Hand piece is intended for SINGLE USE ONLY. Do not resterilise. Discard after use.


Contact a Smith & Nephew representative to order additional Disposable Hand piece Assembly with Pump Cartridge.