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Excessive spray Obstruction of evacuation tube (grit, stick, wire, or other foreign material) Remove hand piece from surgical field and take foot off foot pedal and remove obstruction from instrument tip
Waste evacuation tube is not draining properly Raise waste evacuation tube so collector end of waste tubing is at lowest point of entire tube
Waste evacuation tube is:- Obstructed- Kinked- Pinched Remove obstruction

Unkink tube

Waste evacuation tube is incorrectly connected to waste container Connect waste evacuation tube to "PATIENT" port on waste container
Waste container is sealed Open large drain port on waste container
Misaligned jet (striking edge of tube or shooting outside instrument) Do not use

Replace hand piece or contact your local Smith and Nephew Sales Representative
Console is running, no fluid jet is visible in hand piece No fluid supply Attach saline bag or replace saline bag if empty
Air in supply tube Pump fluid on high setting until system is purged of all air in supply tube
Console does not run, power indicator light is off Power cord not attached Ensure power cord is attached to back of console and wall outlet
Power switch in off position Turn on
Console does not run, power indicator light is on, Pedal light is on Foot pedal is not attached Attach footswitch securely
Footswitch is damaged Replace footswitch
Console does not run, power indicator light is on, Door light is on Cartridge nest is not fully closed Completely close cartridge nest lever
Console does not run, power indicator light is on, Error light is on Over-current situation has occurred (unknown cause) Turn off main power switch, wait 5 seconds, turn power back on.
If this does not resolve the issue please contact your local Smith & Nephew representative.
Over-current situation with a rigid high-pressure tube. Hand piece high-pressure tube is plugged Discard hand piece assembly and replace with a new unit