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Kurring et al: Managing Sloughy

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Colin, D., Kurring, R.G.N., Quinlan, D., Yvon, C. Managing Sloughy Pressure Sores. J Wound Care 1996; 5: 10.


This Clinical investigation compares the performance of an amorphous hydrogel and a dextranomer paste in the management of sloughy pressure sores in the hospital environment. Specific parameters measured during the study were efficacy, safety, ease of handling and patient comfort. The clinical investigation was restricted to the debridement of sloughy non-viable tissue only. The amorphous hydrogel and dextranomer paste performed to a similar standard in terms of debridement of non-viable tissue. At day 21, however, the median reduction in wound area was 35% in the amorphous hydrogel group compared with 7% in the dextranomer paste group.