We have a strong reputation for integrity and ethical conduct

Achieving results with responsibility

At Smith+Nephew we are committed to integrity, honesty and professionalism.

We believe that it’s a privilege to provide products and services for patients and healthcare professionals. And we believe that it’s up to everyone who works for us – or on our behalf – to share that responsibility by upholding our reputation for integrity and ethical conduct, because the sustainability of our business depends on doing things the right way.

We have established a world class Global Compliance Programme to help our employees and our third party partners to comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry codes of practice.

Code of Conduct + Business Principles

Our Code of Conduct and Business Principles sets out the legal and ethical principles that we apply to our business.

Our Global Policies underpin our Code of Conduct and Business Principles and support our Culture by guiding our behaviour and decisions about how we do business and providing the respective principles and rules.

Third Party Guide to Working with Smith+Nephew

In many regions, we rely on distributors and agents to do business on our behalf. They play a vital role for us and in doing so, must comply with applicable laws and industry codes, and adhere to business principles and health, safety, social and environmental standards consistent with our own.

We select third party sellers based on their qualifications, reliability, adherence to applicable laws and our values and we have created a Third Party Guide to Working with Smith+Nephew to help third parties understand our expectations.

Report a concern

Any actual or perceived breach of the Code of Conduct and Business Principles or related policies should be reported to Smith+Nephew. 

Smith+Nephew does not retaliate against anyone who makes a report in good faith.  Reports can be made to:

Reports from Russia must be made locally.  Please contact your local HR or Compliance colleagues directly or submit your concerns to

Report a concern