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Who in Smith+Nephew can answer your questions about compliance

Smith+Nephew has established a Global Ethics and Compliance Programme for its entire business operations which includes a Board Compliance & Culture Committee, a Group Ethics and Compliance Committee, a Chief Legal & Compliance Officer (CLCO) and a defined compliance structure in each country we operate in throughout the world.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Principles sets out our legal and ethical principles for carrying out business and applies both to employees and to others who act for us. 

At Smith+Nephew we all count on each other to uphold these standards to make sure that we keep our reputation for honesty. We have resources available for our staff to consult if they have questions about a legal requirement, our Code of Conduct or our policies.

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Mohit Raina | Compliance Director | South Asia | 


D: +91 88 7944 1361



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