Unique dressing technology

For bilateral incision management, a unique connector delivers PICO Therapy to two dressings featuring proprietary AIRLOCK◊ Technology. Shown to reduce lateral tension* 3 and may help to reduce oedema4-6 - while promoting lymphatic drainage**7 - with a gentle silicone contact layer helping to minimise trauma and pain in the peri-wound area.8-10

Indicated for use on:

  • Surgically closed incision sites
  • Acute, traumatic, subacute and dehisced wounds
  • Chronic wounds and ulcers (such as diabetic or pressure)
  • Partial-thickness burns, flaps and grafts

Product features

Medical Education

No results.


*As demonstrated in biomechanical modelling.

**As demonstrated in vivo.

***As demonstrated in benchtop testing.

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