Customer Complaints & Adverse Reactions

As a leading medical product manufacturer, it is our goal to provide safe, effective and reliable products to our customers. We take the safety of patients and users very seriously, and we follow the applicable regulatory requirements internationally when it comes to receiving, reporting and investigating customer feedback and customer complaints. We thank you for bringing any feedback or negative experience with our products to our attention.

If you think you may have had a negative experience with our products, including any adverse events, adverse reactions or other product related issues, please let us know by providing as much information as possible.

If you are a patient, you can contact us yourself, or you may have your caregiver or healthcare provider assist you.

To help us process your information quickly and effectively, please contact our customer complaints team by completing the information below with as much information as possible.

Email us

You can also contact us by email at

Please describe the circumstances of the problem/event. Is the problem ongoing or what was done to correct/resolve the problem? To understand the issue, a concise description of the event is essential; please include all details that are available.