Smarter,* more efficient** digital surgery

Our latest technology features image-agnostic smart mapping to register 3D models of the joint in surgery, real-time planning for personalized surgery, handheld precision milling and intra-operative gap balancing.

Designed to be portable with a small OR footprint, the CORI Surgical System uses Real Intelligence software to offer broad capabilities and an expanding range of joint reconstruction indications,*** such as:

  • Total and partial knee surgery: Designed to achieve accuracy in bone resection and alignment,
  • Revision knee surgery: The first system indicated for robotic-assisted revision knee surgery in the US. Image-free smart mapping eliminates potential for image distortion caused by in-situ components, with 3D joint models registering anatomy and bony defects after implant extraction.
  • Total hip surgery (software only): RI.HIP NAVIGATION allows surgeons to assess pelvic tilt, providing a predicted view of the post-operative anteroposterior (AP) X-ray in surgery and digital measurement of leg length/offset changes


CORI Virtual Plannerprovides an interactive, fully functional software tool for surgeons to become familiar with creating a surgical plan on the CORI Surgical System. This on-demand tool is accessible anywhere, anytime through S+N Academy Online. Click here for the CORI Virtual Planner.

Product Features


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*Compared to conventional techniques.

**Compared to the NAVIO Surgical System and previous software versions. 29% faster resection demonstrated in total knee cadaver studies.

***Availability of supported applications or solutions may differ according to country or region. Revision knee arthroplasty currently only indicated in the USA. Please contact us for more information.

****While the ENGAGE CONCELOC porous surface may be comparable in porosity and pore size range to the CONCELOC Advanced Porous Titanium surface in Smith+Nephew Cementless Total Knee and Revision Acetabular Systems, other technological and performance characteristics, including biomechanical properties, have not been evaluated for equivalence and may not be presumed comparable.

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, precautions and warnings, please consult the product’s applicable Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to use.

Products may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/or medical practices in individual markets. Please contact your Smith+Nephew representative or distributor if you have questions about the availability of Smith+Nephew products in your area.


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