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Consensus document

Smith & Nephew supports consensus document to reduce surgical site complications
Every year over 250 million surgical procedures are performed and a significant proportion of them will develop a surgical site complication (SSC) such as infection, dehiscence or seroma. With single-use systems such as PICO® the access and usage of NPWT has never been easier and surgical wounds, closed or open, are more and more being managed with NPWT to give a better patient outcome. 

To help understand the complex challenges relating to SSCs and the opportunities and strategies to reduce them, an independent expert panel worked and produced a consensus document “Closed surgical incision management: Understanding the role of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy” which will be presented for the first time at the Smith & Nephew sponsored symposium at WUWHS 2016.

Two expert panel members Mr Michael Sugrue (General Surgeon, Ireland) and Dr Risal Djohan (Plastic Surgeon, USA) will work together in a unique style to present an interactive and entertaining synopsis of the key issues and the strategies to reduce SSCs including risk stratification tools and impact of NPWT.  

Furthermore, clinical evidence of the benefit of PICO single-use NPWT on C-section incisions and dehisced surgical wounds will be shared.  The audience will have the opportunity to contribute to the symposium using interactive audience voting key pads.  We invite you to come and enjoy the discussion. 

Download the consensus document produced in collaboration with Wound International and WUWHS at

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