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    560 SERIES

    High Definition Camera System

    560 SERIES High Definition Camera System


    The defining moment in high definition has arrived

    Smith & Nephew is proud to announce the all new, digital-broadcast quality 560 Series 3-CCD High Definition Camera System, producing pure HD 1080i imaging. It's a complete end-to-end, high definition system that keeps the HD format throughout the entire video chain - including optics, camera head, CCU and monitor. And it meets the ATSC broadcast standards for HDTV.

     The result is a level of image quality and color never before possible, including picture clarity that's five times greater than the resolution of SDTV. Native HD image data acquired by the 560 H camera is conveyed to the CCU via high speed digital interface, where the image data is processed and converted into HDTV images, which can then be displayed on HD flat panel monitors. With our all-HD camera system, you'll see an extremely high-resolution and virtually distortion-free image. Colors look more realistic, with greater depth-of-field due to the wider bandwidth. The 560 H High Definition Camera System provides a level of image quality never before possible.

    • Presents anatomical color and detail previously unseen with standard definition surgical cameras.
    • Increases productivity and more confident diagnoses.

    560H Camera Head


    • Uses HD widescreen CCD (Charge Coupled Device) designs for native acquisition of the digital HDTV image.
    • Captures more clinical information.
    • Breakthrough micro-electronic technology allows advanced ergonomic design: the 560 camera head is similar in size and weight to a standard camera head.
    • 3-button, 6-function interface controls image and remote operation of compatible peripheral devices like CCU's, printers, and Smith & Nephew Image Management Systems.

    560P Camera Control Unit


    • Proprietary processing architecture handles 2 1/2 times more information than SDTV to achieve true high definition TV.

    560 SYSTEM Flat Panel Monitor


    • Outputs image in full 1920 x 1080i 16 x 9 format or traditional 4:3 format.
    • Displays true high definition resolution and clarity.
    • Displays true HD images when used with the Smith & Nephew 560 Series Camera System.
    • Lightweight display for superior flexibility.

    Smith & Nephew Endoscopy focuses on repairing and healing the human body through minimally invasive techniques. The company creates innovative products whose performance has earned the trust of clinicians around the world. We are very proud that every day we help patients quickly get back to normal. 


    The 560 Series

    The only definition that matters The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), an international non-profit organization that develops voluntary standards for digital television, defines the standard for HDTV as follows: Aspect Ratio: Must be capable of displaying wide screen 16:9 format. Standard definition television (SDTV) has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Pixel Quantity: Meets or exceeds 1280 x 720p, or 1920 x 1080i. Scanning Pattern: 720p (progressive scan) or 1080i (interlaced scan).

    560P High Definition Camera System

    Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz;
    Requirements Dual fuse
    Classification CISPR 11 Class A
    Equipment Classification Protection against electrical shock Class 1 with CF type applied part. Protection against harmful ingress of water. (Ordinary equipment, none provided) Degree of safety application in the presence of flammable anesthetics with mixture of air, oxygen, or nitrous oxide. (Not suitable)
    CCU Dimensions 4.25" H x 12" W x 15" D
    CCU Weight 9.9 pounds
    Display Output 50/60 Hz
    Resolution 1920 x 1080i (native)
    Signal-to-Noise 64 dB
    Ratio Shutter NTSC: 1/60 per second through 10,000 per second shutter speed
    PAL: 1/50 per second through 10,0000 per second shutter speed

    HD Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) One serial digital interface (SDI) with 4:2:2 component digital video output on BNC connector HD Digital Visual Interface (HD-DVI) Two digital visual interfaces supporting DVI-Digital (DVI-D) single-link interfaces on 29-pin DVI-I connector with 4:4:4 component digital video output on BNC connector
    YPrPb Video Output One video output 1Vp-p, YPrPb or Component video into 75Ω, BNC coaxial connectors
    IEEE-1394 Output One IEEE-digital video output, 4-pin connector; provides continuous DV-formatted (5:1) compressed 25 Mb/sec data rate
    Y/C Video Outputs Two Y/C video outputs, combined luminance/chroma signal into 4-pin mini-DIN plug
    Composite Output One analog, encoded video signal that includes vertical and horizontal synchronizing information
    AC Leakage Current Camera control unit: less than 300 microamps earth leakage
    Video Accessory Controls Two mini-phono connectors (3.5 mm)

    560H High Definition Camera Head

    Equipment Protection against electrical shock
    Classification Class I, applied part Type CF
    Video Imager Three 1/3" Interline Transfer Micro-Lens high sensitivity CCD Image Sensors
    Imaging Resolution Vertical: 1080i native TV lines
    Horizontal: 1920 native TV lines
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio >64 dB
    Video Data Acquisition Three 14-bit RGB channels, digitized inside camera head
    Video Data Transmission High-speed, low-voltage differential serial (LVDS), uncompressed 42-bit RGB digital transmission via 12-foot camera cable
    Video Output Format Full HD 1080i, 100% compatible with SMPTE-274M:2005 HDTV broadcast standard when used with the 560P Camera Control Unit
    Video Field Rate 60 Hz or 50 Hz universal camera head, software switchable
    Operating Temperature 41° - 108° F (-20° -60° C)
    Operating Humidity 38 - 75% non-condensing
    Storage Temperature -4° - 140° F (-20° -60° C)
    Storage Humidity 20 - 90% non-condensing
    Camera Head Dimensions 1.8" x 2.6" x 2.25" (width x depth x height)
    Camera Head Weight 161 grams
    Camera Head Cable 12' +/-3" (3.65 m +/- 7.6 cm)
    Lens Mount 1"-32 UN C-mount thread
    Compatible Control Units Smith & Nephew 560P High Definition Camera System

    Ordering Information

    560P Camera Control Unit
    (System, NTSC/PAL)
    72200571 English
    72200572 Spanish
    72200573 French
    72200574 German
    72200575 Italian
    72200576 Swedish
    72200577 Dutch
    72200578 UK
    72201380 Korean
    72201381 Portuguese
    72201382 Norwegian
    72201383 Danish
    72200579 International
    560H 3-CCD HD
    Camera Head
    72200561 NTSC/PAL
    High Definition Couplers
    72200315 5:4, 19.5 mm
    72200422 16:9, 26.5 mm
    High Definition
    72200312 4 mm x 30°, Autoclavable
    72200089 4 mm x 70°, Autoclavable

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