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Orthopaedic and Trauma Product Inserts

On this page you will find a partial index of our product inserts. You will be able to view, download, and print the latest versions of these documents. We urge you to contact your Smith & Nephew sales representative for previous versions, or to obtain product information not listed on this site.

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Product Insert Symbols

Trauma Product Inserts


Plates & Screws

Plates (English)


External Fixation

External Fixation (English)

External Fixation (Spanish)

Taylor Spatial Frame (Japanese)

Taylor Spatial Frame Label (Japanese)


Mini-Fragment Plating System IFU  (for VLP MINI-MOD and EVOS MINI)

Mini-Frag (English)

Mini-Frag (all languages)



Staples (English)

Staples (Spanish)


IM Nails - IFU in all languages

IM Nails




SL-PLUS Stem, SL-PLUS Lateralized Stem, SLR-PLUS Stem, SL-PLUS MIA Stem



TC-PLUS Primary Knee

VKS Knee System