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Temperature Control Probes

TAC Probes


The Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL ARTHROSCOPY SYSTEM (EAS) is the only system to automatically deliver optimal therapeutic temperature for collagen modification in both cartilage and ligamentous soft tissue. All TAC probes measure actual tissue temperature 50 times per second. This provides direct thermal feedback to the Smith & Nephew VULCAN Generator where immediate adjustment of energy output compensates for operative variables such as irrigation flow and treatment speed. When used in the shoulder, knee, hip or small joints, the result is a consistent, reproducible thermal effect.

  • Wide range of probe styles that optimize joint access and tissue effect
  • Malleable probe shafts reduce inventory requirements
  • Integrated cable eliminates cable sterilization issues and enhances operating room efficiency
  • Autoprobe generator recognition simplifies setup and use
  • In ligamentous soft tissue RF energy provides a dual heating effect of molecular oscillation and heat conduction. The defined temperature range of 65° to 75° C was determined as optimal to stimulate collagen contraction. 1
  • When treating articular cartilage, direct thermal feedback with automatic power control may significantly reduce thermal penetration depths. The advanced design of the TAC-C probes coupled with the specific articular cartilage temperature control program, has been shown to reduce thermal injury depth by as much as 68% when compared to bipolar ablation probes.2, 3, 4

1Obrzut SL, Hecht P, Hayashi K, Fanton GS, Thabit G III, Markel MD. Effect of radiofrequency on the length and temperature properties of the glenohumeral joint capsule. Journal Arthroscopy Rel Surg; 1998.

2Lu Y, Edwards R III, Cole BJ, Markel MD. Thermal chondroplasty with radiofrequency energy, an in vitro comparison of bipolar and monopolar radiofrequency devices. American Journal of Sports Medicine; 2001.

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Ordering Information

Ref Description
Tissue Temperature Control Probes - Packaged sterile, one per box, and complete for single patient use
7209633 TAC-S Probe - Thermal capsulorrhaphy/thermal modification
7209630 TAC-S Angled Probe - Thermal capsulorrhaphy/thermal modification
7209628 TAC-C II Probe - Thermal chondroplasty
7209632 MiniTAC-S Probe - Thermal modification, ankle
7209631 MicroTAC-S Probe - Thermal modification, small joints
7209629 MicroTAC-S Angled Probe - Thermal modification, hip
7209637 EFLEX TAC-S Probe - Designed for use with REF 7209693 Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator Connector Cable
Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator and Accessories
7209673 Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Generator - Includes: Generator, footswitch and power cord
7209687 Split Electrode Pad
7209597 Probe Bender
7209693 Connector Cable

Technique Information

Technique Information

The Use of Tissue Temperature Control for Monopolar Thermal Chondroplasty


The Use of Tissue Temperature Control for Thermal Capsulorrhaphy