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Suture Anchor



Designed especially for hip, the SUTUREFIX ULTRA XL allows you to fine tune your labral repair by adding fixation points where you couldn’t before.1

• Small, strong, soft, all-suture anchor, out performs traditional and all-suture devices in pullout strength.2

• Anchor construct consistently forms itself against the steel inserter – not the cortical layer as with competitive soft anchors – so deployment is more reliable, reproducible, and less dependent on bone density.3

• Ensures successful deployment into the bone with an audible “CLICK.”4

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Ordering Information

Reference # / Description

72203841 SUTUREFIX Ultra Anchor XL with one (#2) ULTRABRAID suture (Blue)

72203842 SUTUREFIX Ultra Anchor XL with one (#2) ULTRABRAID suture (Cobraid)

72204669 SUTUREFIX Ultra Drill XL 1.7 mm,Disposable

72203844 Crown Tip Drill Guide XL

72203845 Spike Tip Drill Guide XL

72203846 Blunt Tip Obturator XL

72203899 Cannulated Obturator XL

72203850 ELITE Knot Pusher XL

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