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Ultralight Motor Drive Unit

DYONICS POWER Ultralight Motor


The DYONICS POWER Ultralight Motor Drive Unit provides you with the same power as the standard DYONICS shaver handpiece with 30% less weight. The Ultralight will power most large joint DYONICS POWER straight blades and burrs and will run the new Ultra Series Curved Blades. The Ultralight will not power the standard DYONICS curved and orbit blades, the TURBOWHISKER, or long hip blades.

Less weight, same power . . .

  • Weighs only 11.4 oz - approximately 30% less than our standard motor drive unit (MDU)
  • Lighter cord than our standard MDU for better balance
  • Same power and torque compared to our standard MDU
  • Runs blades and burrs between 100 and 5000 rpm's
  • The DYONICS POWER UltraLight MDU will power all DYONICS POWER straight blades, burrs and Ultra Series curved blades. The UltraLight handpiece will not operate standard DYONICS POWER curved blades.


In comparison


The DYONICS POWER Ultralight MDU clearly outperforms the competition when it comes to power. At 3500 rpm's, the Ultralight MDU can handle over 200% more resistance than the lightweight shaver from Linvatec before demonstrating a reduction in speed.


Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

Ordering Information

REF Description
DYONICS POWER Ultralight Handpiece
DYONICS POWER Ultralight Handpiece, 10 ft (3m) cord
Ultra Series Curved Blades  
7209025 Ultra Series 4.5 Curved Full Radius
7209026 Ultra Series 4.5 Curved Incisor
7209027 Ultra Series 4.5 Curved Synovator
7209028 Ultra Series 4.5 Orbit Full Radius
7209029 Ultra Series 4.5 Orbit Incisor
7209030 Ultra Series 4.5 Orbit Synovator
7209031 Ultra Series 4.5 Orbit RazorCut
7200932 Ultra Series 4.5 Orbit Incisor Plus

The Ultra Series curved blades use a proprietary coating which allows them to run longer and faster than our standard curved blades.