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Articular Cartilage Probe

DYONICS GLIDER Articular Cartilage Probe


The DYONICS GLIDER Articular Cartilage Probe is an early intervention tool for treatment of articular cartilage disease. Through controlled application of RF energy on grade II and III chondromalacia, the DYONICS GLIDER probe is designed to maximize preservation of healthy cartilage tissue while restoring its smooth, gliding surface.

Scientifically determined power setting minimizes cell death


Research indicates that when in contact with cartilage, a power setting of 60 watts reduces electrical current flow and heat to the cartilage tissue.† In addition, the autorecognition of the probe and software controls of the generator prevent overtreatment of tissue

Cell viability images. Red is dead, green is live. Measurement bar = 100 um

Surface topography images taken with scanning electron microscope at 120X magnification (bar = 250 um).
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DYONICS GLIDER Articular Cartilage Probe


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Creates a smooth cartilage surface

In vitro studies have demonstrated the DYONICS GLIDER probe creates a smooth cartilage surface with a superficial layer of cell death. The images above compare the depth of cell death and the smoothing effect achieved with the DYONICS GLIDER probe versus all-purpose arthroscopic radiofrequency (RF) devices.

Impedance control maximizes cartilage preservation

The Smith & Nephew VULCAN Generator's unique impedance control software constantly monitors the DYONICS GLIDER probe's impedance and delivers the amount of energy needed to smooth cartilage only when the probe is in contact with tissue.



The DYONICS GLIDERprobe is part of the Smith & Nephew ELETROTHERMAL Arthroscopy System, the most versatile RF system available and offering the widest range of tissue modification devices on the market. The DYONICS GLIDER probe is part of Smith & Nephew's comprehensive portfolio of resection devices and is compatible with the VULCAN Generator. Smith & Nephew is a global leader in the design and distribution of arthroscopic tissue resection products.

†Data on file at Smith & Nephew


Ordering Information

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7210438 DYONICS GLIDER Articular Cartilage Probe
The Smith & Nephew ELECTROTHERMAL Arthroscopy System is the most versatile RF system available, offering a wide range of probes for temperature control, cutting, and ablation applications. User convenience and efficiency are enhanced with single-use probes that include fully-integrated cables and autoprobe recognition, which automatically selects the appropriate power settings for each probe.
System includes: VULCAN Generator, power cord, footswitch, and manual
7210868 VULCAN  Generator System, U.S.
7210869 VULCAN Generator System, Europe
7210870 VULCAN Generator System, U.K.
7210898 VULCAN Generator System, Australia
7210897 VULCAN Generator System, India
7210871 VULCAN Generator System, South Africa
7210872 VULCAN Generator System, Italy
7210812 VULCAN Generator
7209692 VULCAN Footswitch
7209687 Split Electrode Pads

Technique Information

Technique Information

Thermal Chondroplasty using GLIDER Technique Guide

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