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Single-Use Volar Distal Radius Plating System

D-RAD distal radius plating system

Product Information

The D-RAD SMART PACK System enables surgeons and supporting staff members to work smarter in the OR and out. The system includes sterile single-use instrument kits and sterile packaged implants to avoid challenges that exist with traditional reprocessed plate and screw systems. The intelligent design improves efficiency in and out of the OR without sacrificing the intraoperative flexibility needed to best treat patients.  The D-RAD SMART PACK Single-Use Volar Distal Radius Plates are designed to treat the most commonly plated extra-articular distal radius fractures and intra-articular distal radius fractures.

Packed with smart benefits

The D-RAD SMART PACK System allows you to work smarter in several ways:



No material or labor costs to clean, sterilize and reprocess


Ready at a moment’s notice – eliminates set downtime


Eliminates the risk of contamination as a result of poor handling and reprocessing


Always complete with new instruments and implants


Chart StiksTM to record part and lot numbers for every implant

Green  All packaging and single-use instrumentation is made from recyclable material


The D-RAD SMART PACK System was designed to treat the most commonly plated extra-articular and intra-articular distal radius fractures. The system contains (a) four different single-use kits and (b) a tray with sterile fasteners and single-use plate templates to assist with kit selection.

4-Hole Volar Plate

  • Anatomically contoured to respect the watershed line while providing reconstructive articular support
  • VLP locking technology enables the use of Cortex Screw, Locking Screws or Locking Pegs within a 30 degree cone
  • 1.4mm K-wire holes for distal plate positioning
  • Slotted 1.4mm K-wire hole or slotted screw hole to allow for proximal/distal plate adjustments
  • 1.4mm K-wire hole to enable centering of the plate on the diaphysis

Standard and wide options accommodate varying patient anatomy


  • 2.4mm Cortex Screws
  • 2.4mm Variable Angle Locking Screws
  • 1.8mm Variable Angle Locking Pegs for bicortical support of the metaphysis while minimizing dorsal soft tissue irritation

Predetermined screw angles with Fixed Angle Drill Guide or lock within a 30 degree cone with Variable Angle Drill Guide.

Sterile Screw/Peg Vials with Chart-StiksTM

  • No material or labor costs to clean, sterilize and reprocess
  • Allows intraoperative flexibility to choose the exact screw length needed for varying anatomy and fracture patterns
  • Eliminates screw length confirmation step required for screws retrieved from caddies
  • Chart-StiksTM included on each vial to facilitate the recording of part and lot numbers


  • Self-retaining T7 screw driver
  • 1.4mm K-wires assist with plate positioning and reference screw trajectories
  • Fixed-angle drill guide predetermines screw trajectories
  • Variable-angle drill guide enables intraoperative screw placement flexibility
  • Preassembled guide block and plate holder
  • Hooked, laser-etched depth gauge grabs the dorsal cortex
  • Only one 1.8mm drill required for Cortex Screws, locking screws and locking pegs


Indications of the D-RAD SMART PACK System

The D-RAD SMART PACK Single-Use Volar Distal Radius Plating System is indicated for the fixation of fractures involving the distal radius.


1. Physical conditions that would preclude adequate implant support or retard healing, such as, blood supply impairment, insufficient bone quality or quantity, previous infection, obesity, severe bow or gross distortion of the radius.

2. Mental conditions that preclude cooperation with the rehabilitation regimen.

Interview with Dr. Dean Sotereanos:  Why I use D-RAD SMART PACK

Dr. Dean Sotereanos

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