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    Drill Guide



    The ACUFEX DIRECTOR Drill Guide conforms to each patient's anatomy, offering surgeons flexibility, accuracy and control. The ACUFEX DIRECTOR is compact and designed to fit comfortably in a surgeon's hand and to accommodate the full spectrum of knee anatomy.

    The New ACUFEX DIRECTOR Drill Guide Includes

    • A proven dovetail arm design used for more than a decade in ACUFEX linear instruments
    • An ergonomic guide handle precisely fitted for the surgeon's hand
    • Simple, self-locking mechanism for one-handed operation of the guide
    • Light-weight and compact for added control
    • An angled bullet for engaging the cortex consistently and securely
    • A ratchet bullet locking mechanism that self-locks as the surgeon advances the bullet
    • A rigid, rectangular guide arm cross section
    • Choice of tip-to-tip or tip-to-elbow aimers (depending on surgeon's preferred technique)
    • Compatibility with previous generations of ACUFEX Drill Guide Systems

    Ordering Information

    Ref. Description
    Director Guide  
    7205517 ACUFEX Director Guide
    7205524 ACUFEX Director Angled Bullet
    7205525 ACUFEX Director 4-Point Bullet

    ACL Aimers
    7205518 ACUFEX Director Elbow Aimer
    7205519 ACUFEX Director Tip Aimer

    PCL Aimers
    7207282 ACUFEX Director PCL Tibial Aimer
    7207283 ACUFEX Director PCL Femoral Aimer
    7207281 ACUFEX Director PCL Safety Stop

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