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Handheld Precision Sculpting Tool for Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty

Clinical Review: Handheld Precision Sculpting Tool for Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty4

SUMMARY STATEMENT: Development of navigation and robotic assistive devices have led to reports of improved accuracy and repeatability of implant placement. Computer navigation techniques have improved the accuracy of UKA but outliers still remain. This clinical review evaluates the clinical and functional outcomes the first 57 patients undergoing UKA using NAVIO handheld robotic system.

+ The post-surgical mechanical axis alignment was within 1o of the intra-operative Navio plan in 91% of cases

+ The ‘cutting’ phase time decrease on average by 32.5 minutes from first to quickest procedure for the 3 surgeons

+ The Oxford Knee Score (new) mean ( showed a clinical improvement from 22(8.5) pre-operative to 36 (10.5) 6 weeks post-operative

+ A mean fixed flexion (extension) angle was reported before surgery of 5 degrees. All patients achieved full extension post surgery

+ UKA reduced the mean mechanical axis deformity for this patient group. Pre-operative mean ( -6.2 (3) compared to a 6 weeks post-operative -3.4 (2)

Mechanical Axis Deformity


Oxford knee score chart

4. Handheld Precision Sculpting Tool for Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty. A Clinical Review A Gregori, F Picard, J Bellemans, J Smith, A Simone. 15th EFORT Congress 2014. June 4-6. London, UK

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