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NAVIO Surgical System


The NAVIO Surgical System features proprietary robotics-assisted technology that integrates handheld instruments with an intuitive CT-free registration and patient-specific planning process. The NAVIO unicondylar and patellofemoral (UNI and PFJ) knee replacement software applications guide the surgeon in creating implant plans that localize components and balance soft-tissue. The robotic assisted surgery technology translates that information into a virtual surgical plan that removes the need for standard mechanical cutting guides and jigs.  This robotics-assisted execution provides a 3D color map of the knee replacement surgical plan. The handheld instrumentation uses multiple control modes to help the surgeon very precisely prepare the bone for knee replacement implantation.

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Key Features and Benefits of the NAVIO Surgical System that delivers the precision of robotics through handheld instrumentation. 

NAVIO Hand-held robotics

Hand-Held Robotics

Produces precise, repeatable results for partial knee replacement 

CT-Free intraoperative mapping


Intraoperative mapping of anatomy creates a virtual 3D model providing visualization during surgery.

patient specific planning

Patient-Specific Planning

Powerful soft tissue balancing for post-op collateral ligament tension and implant alignment unique to each patient.

NAVIO small footprint OR Friendly design

Small Footprint

OR-friendly design and streamlined pre-operative set up integrates easily into existing ORs.

NAVIO unicondylar pencil drawing

Multi-implant platform

With the NAVIO Surgical System, you’re free to use any of our unicondylar implants.

Unicompartmental Knee Systems - JOURNEY UNI, ZUK, or STRIDE 

Patellofemoral Joint System - JOURNEY PFJ

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