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Drill Wire Module

Drill Wire Module

Product Information

Drill Wire Module Product Information

The DRILL WIRE MODULE introduces a generation in K-wire technology. Standard Trocar Tip wires are prone to bending, skiving and sometimes burning the bone on insertion. The drill tip design enables a more precise, faster insertion while generating less heat.

Features and Benefits:

  • More Precise
  • Less heat 
  • Faster Insertion

More precise
These wires are composed of high-quality cobalt chrome to provide increased stiffness and precise trajectory during entry. Since the drill tip is sharp and the edges of the flutes act as cutting surfaces, the drill tip initiates hole formation quickly in the bone surface. Therefore, there is less opportunity for wire chatter and wandering.

Less heat
Our testing showed that the Drill Tip Wires provided a 56% decrease in the maximum temperature generated upon entry when compared to Trocar Tip Wires*. There was also a visual decrease in the distance of heat transmitted radially reducing the amount of bone damage.

Our testing showed that the drill tip design offered a 96% decrease in insertion time when compared to Trocar Tip Wires*. As the drill tip spins, the helical flute helps pull the wire through the bone augmenting the force applied to the driving end of the wire. The Trocar Tip Wire relies strictly on the amount of force applied to the driving end to move through the bone.

*Smith & Nephew internal testing

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Clinical Evidence

Drill Wire Clinical Evidence

White Paper:

Evaluation of heat generated with drill tip K-wires The purpose of this study was to evaluate a new K-wire design with a fluted drill tip as compared with the commonly used trocar tip in terms of insertion efficiency and thermal effects. The study utilized a new thermal imaging temperature measurement technique to achieve a more precise and more holistic picture over traditional thermocouple technology.

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