Smith & Nephew launches ALLEVYN Life

Smith & Nephew launches ALLEVYN Life

20 July, 2012
Smith & Nephew plc (LSE: SN, NYSE: SNN), the global medical technology business, today announced the launch of ALLEVYN◊ Life - an innovative new advanced wound management dressing. ALLEVYN Life is the latest product innovation to address the findings of new research into the real life concerns of patients living with wounds.

“We are very excited about the ALLEVYN Life product and the impact it can have on reducing the human and economic cost of wounds. Many people are affected by wounds and these patients often have significantly impaired wellbeing, as well as concerns around how others will perceive them. This poses significant challenges for patients, clinicians, payers and the healthcare facilities that care for them.” said Roger Teasdale, President of Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management.

“With the ever increasing pressure on healthcare budgets, today more than ever, it is important to ensure new products deliver clinical improvements that also translate into improved economic outcomes. The development of ALLEVYN Life has been driven by these challenges faced by our customers and the significant body of evidence indicating that delivering patient centred care leads to improvements in patient concordance, clinical outcomes and, as a result, improved economic outcomes. ALLEVYN Life has been launched to help deliver improved patient outcomes whilst allowing healthcare systems to work within existing woundcare budgets”, added Teasdale.

Over the last 3 years Smith & Nephew has undertaken extensive international ethnographic research across a number of countries, with patients and clinicians, to gain an in-depth understanding of how living with a wound can affect patient wellbeing and how dressing design can improve the patient and clinician experience whilst reducing the economic costs. This ethos is now embedded in our product development processes and has underpinned many of our recent launches, including ALLEVYN Life.

The research highlighted how people living with wounds are often concerned about issues like possible leakage of wound fluid, the unsightly appearance of exudate and wound odour, and in particular how this may affect their social interactions. There was also concern about the potential damage from knocks and bumps of everyday living and how this might restrict their ability to go about their daily lives. These insights helped validate that improving patient wellbeing is fundamental to reducing the economic cost of woundcare. ALLEVYN Life offers unique benefits that help deliver this and is a significant advancement in preventing wounds diminishing the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of patients every year. ALLEVYN Life will now be rolled out globally over the coming months.

About ALLEVYN Life:-

ALLEVYN Life is an innovative woundcare product which is easy to use for both clinicians and patients. Its' design consists of a number of features and benefits, many of which are a first for the foam dressing category and all designed with the goal of improving outcomes and alleviating the burden on healthcare budgets. These innovations have been achieved whilst maintaining the core attributes of ALLEVYN which customers know and love, and incorporate the findings of the ethnographic research which led to elements including;

  • A unique shape featuring sizes that fit the contours of the human body aiding dressing retention and allowing the patient to feel secure that their dressing will stay in place
  • Materials integrated into the design that provide cushioning and protection from knocks and bumps
  • Low trauma silicone adhesive to provide minimal pain at dressing changes
  • A hyper-absorbent lock away core to prevent leakage of exudate
  • A change indicator to avoid unnecessary dressing changes reducing wastage
  • Masking to prevent patient embarrassment and stigma caused by exudate being obviously visiblethrough the dressing

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