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Wellness programme

Well-structured employee wellness programmes are proven to have very rapid payback against resources invested in their implementation. Benefits include lower absenteeism, improved staff morale, fewer workplace injuries and increased productivity.

In 2014, we extended our wellness programme to build on what we had already established as part of our aspiration to be a  'Great Place to Work’ and provide a harm-free workplace.

Our initial target was to implement programmes at 60% of our larger facilities but this has been far exceeded as a direct result of employees embracing the initiatives.

Wellness programmes were extended to all our divisions and we saw some great examples of local teams gaining the full benefit of a varied programme at work. Initiatives included wellness newsletters, health screening, provision of fruit in offices, promotion of physical activity, cholesterol testing and general health advice for work and home.

We were delighted when our Memphis facility achieved recognition as a ‘Healthier Tennessee Workplace’from the Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness.


February 2016