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To be a normal boy again

At his school in South Africa nine-year-old Onke Thobo was playing when a wall fell on him, breaking his leg. A plaster cast was applied but the bone did not heal in the correct position, putting severe strain on his legs and joints.

Dr Dix-PeekAware of Onke’s plight Smith & Nephew agreed to partner with Dr Stewart Dix-Peek and his surgical team at Maitland Cottage Home Hospital, Cape Town, in performing corrective surgery.

A TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME◊ was applied and, commenting on progress, Dr Dix-Peek (pictured, with Onke) from Maitland Cottage Home Hospital said: “We reserve the use of the TAYLOR SPATIAL
FRAME for complex cases such as Onke’s. This is a rehabilitative type of treatment.

“Rather than lying in a hospital bed he is walking and running around now and it is not painful for him and I’m quite happy for him to even swim with it on. We’re getting
the desired correction that we wanted. We’re on track.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing Onke go back to school and doing all the things a normal boy does. We chose to partner with Maitland Cottage Home because they do what we do – make a difference in children’s lives!”

Sbu Njapha, Smith & Nephew Business Development Manager. January 2014