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Recovery and re-use of silver

More efficient than recycling, re-use is the preferred option for some waste streams and this has been highlighted by the manufacturing team producing our nanocrystalline silver family of products, ACTICOAT.

The inventory of silver used is in a constant cycle of being reclaimed and reused.

The silver starts its life as pure silver targets, which are used in the production of wound dressings. Spent silver targets, the stray silver that adheres itself to parts inside the coating equipment, and scrap silver coated dressing materials are gathered and the silver reclaimed, re-refined and cast into new silver targets allowing us to use the same inventory of silver over and over again.

SILVERIn 2013 a total of 22.8 tonnes of silver was reclaimed, refined and cast into new silver targets. This includes 21.2 tonnes reclaimed from spent silver targets and the silver oxide that adheres to the coating equipment, plus an additional 1.7 tonnes of silver reclaimed from scrap coated dressing materials, typically the trimmed edges of coated materials removed during the conversion process.

May 2014