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LEGION VISIONAIRE Disposable Instruments (DI) Kits

The LEGION VISIONAIRE Disposable Instruments (DI) Kits include all size-specific instrumentation required for an individual surgery.

These instruments are the first step to transforming the business model to 'surgery in a box' where only the required instruments and implants are brought into the operating room.

disposable instrumentationThe combination of VISIONAIRE cutting blocks and disposable instruments will result in increased efficiency and lower costs for hospitals, while providing better results for patients and surgeons. 

By substantially reducing the instrumentation for surgery, DI kits may:

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for outlier instrumentation
  • Reduce the sterilisation costs by reducing the number of trays required for surgery.

VISIONAIRE DI kits simplify the surgery for surgeons and operating room staff.

The streamlined instrumentation makes the procedure more accessible and reproducible for personnel in areas who do not have access to advanced training and medical education.

June 2014