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FAN Nail


Download TRIGEN FAN Surgical Technique

Design Rationale

Designed to accommodate the standard femoral mode or the recon mode in the same leg. The nails have a 12° anteversion and an anterior bow to match the femur. Color coded for easy identification: Rose for Right; Lime for Left.

Made of Titanium 6AL4V An alloy that offers strength and improved biocompatibility
Patented 5-hole Proximal Design Allows the implant to be used in the same leg in a standard femoral or recon mode for more intraoperative options
12° Anteversion Allows the distal screws of the implant to be located in a more medial/lateral plane for easier insertion
Anterior Bow To match the bow of the femur for easier insertion and proper anatomical reduction
Distal Slot Allows the fracture to be dynamized while maintaining rotational stability
Cannulated Round Shape Allows the implant to be inserted over a Guide Rod and aids in removal
Diameter Choices Standard sizes are 10 mm, 11.5 mm and 13 mm diameters. Addresses many indications without carrying a large inventory of implants