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Suture Anchor


Now you can fine-tune your procedure

The uniquely designed FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor is our most inspired innovation yet. Unlike other anchors which require final suture adjustment prior to setting the anchor, the FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor allows you to adjust the tension even after insertion. This gives you optimal control over your procedure to ensure proper fixation and suture tension. Choose the anchor that always delivers great performance.

Suture security

Suture secured inside anchor, not dependent on bone quality.

Easy tap-in design

No deployment devices required.

Torque limiter knob

The inner plug cannot be over-tightened.

Adjustable tension

Inner plug design allows fine-tuning of tension across the cuff tissue.

Product comparison

The FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor provides less rotator cuff displacement and suture slippage according to initial cyclic loading studies conducted in a synthetic humeral head model.

Ordering Information

Catalog Product Numbers: FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor System

72201697FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor, 5.5 mm
72201825FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor, 5.5 mm w/disposable awl
72201698FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor, 6.5 mm
72201826FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor, 6.5 mm w/disposable awl
72201900FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor Demo Kit (5 anchors only, 5.5mm), non-sterile
72201901FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor Demo Inserter, non-sterile
72201450Awl for use with FOOTPRINT PK, TWINFIX PK FT, and KINSA RC anchors
72200867Mallet with nylon ends
72200879Replacement end caps for mallet
72201707Spade drill, 4.5 mm, for use in hard bone with 5.5 mm FOOTPRINT PK Anchor and the 5.5 mm TWINFIX FT anchor
72201708Spade drill, 5.5 mm, for use in hard bone with 6.5 mm FOOTPRINT PK Anchor and the 6.5 mm TWINFIX FT anchor

Technique Information

Download listing section - M12 - 0 24553

    • Arthroscopic Shoulder Repair Using the Smith & Nephew FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor


      • PDF (435.62 KB)