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Fixation Device

Simple, Strong Fixation


The ENDOUTTON CL BTB Fixation Device provides strong, dependable ACL fixation and eliminates many potential complications associated with traditional interference fixation, such as screw divergence, tendon graft laceration, and posterior blowout.

Cortical fixation using the ENDOBUTTON CL device, with its patented continuous loop suture, eliminates the need for knot tying, providing a strong and stiff repair. This also allows for more posterior placement of the femoral tunnel, if desired, and a 360° bone to graft contact. With these advantages, the ENDOBUTTON CL BTB system is beneficial for ACL revision surgeries.

EndoButtonCLBTBFixationDevice_Overview_Fig1 EndoButtonCLBTBFixationDevice_Overview_Fig3
Fig. 1 ENDOBUTTON CL BTB Fig. 3 Slip the long CL loop over the ENDOBUTTON device
EndoButtonCLBTBFixationDevice_Overview_Fig2 EndoButtonCLBTBFixationDevice_Overview_Fig4
Fig. 2 Feed the long CL loop through femoral portion of the graft and then the long CL loop through the short CL Fig. 4 Tighten the construct

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7210080ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (20 mm)
7210081ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (25 mm)
7210082ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (30 mm)
7210083ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (35 mm)
7210084ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (40 mm)
7210085ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (45 mm)
7210086ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (50 mm)
7210087ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (55 mm)
7210088ENDOBUTTON CL BTB (60 mm)

Technique Information

Technical Information

    • ENDOBUTTON CL BTB Fixation Device

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Technique Guide

    • ACL Reconstruction with Bone-Tendon-Bone Transplants using the ENDOBUTTON CL BTB Fixation System

      Technique Guide


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