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Tibial Fixation Device

The tibial fixation system that sets the standard for pullout strength



The BIOSURE SYNC Tibial Fixation Device was designed to increase the graft fixation strength on the tibial side -- and acknowledge weak link in ACL repair 1 -- to provide a more rigid and robust ACL reconstruction. This revolutionary device employs an interference screw and outer sheath that works in synchrony to separate and hold up to four strands of tendon firmly in place inside the tibial tunnel.

Built on the principle that the greater tendon-to-bone contact also has a positive effect of healing, the BIOSURE SYNC device compresses the graft against the walls for 360 ° contact throughout the length of the tunnel.

Technique Overview

Technique Illustration

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

72202744 BIOSURE SYNC Device 5 mm - 6 mm
72202745 BIOSURE SYNC Device 7 mm - 8 mm
72202746 BIOSURE SYNC Device 9 mm - 10 mm
72202747 BIOSURE SYNC Device 11 mm - 12 mm
72202843 BIOSURE SYNC Instrument System
Includes 1 each of the following:
72202752 BIOSURE SYNC Inserter
72202754 BIOSURE SYNC Tensioner
72202755 BIOSURE SYNC Dilator 5 mm - 6 mm
72202756 BIOSURE SYNC Dilator 7 mm - 8 mm
72202757 BIOSURE SYNC Dilator 9 mm - 10 mm
72202758 BIOSURE SYNC Dilator 11 mm -12 mm
72202753 BIOSURE SYNC Instrument Tray

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