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Suture Anchor


Delivering controlled, adjustable suture tension, the BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchor provides an easy to use, potentially time-saving approach to labral repairs of the shoulder and hip.

The BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchor allows surgeons to control anchor tension in labral repairs post anchor insertion. Unlike other instability anchors, our knotless anchors do not rely on a bone-anchor interface for proper final fixation or suture security. Designed with an inner plug, the tension-ability and security of our sutures lies within the interior of the anchor.

Key Performance Characteristics

Independent Suture Tensioning
Our knotless anchor design gives surgeons the ability to tension the suture after anchor implantation. What makes this possible is the inner locking plug design that captures suture within the anchor. The result: final tension is in the hands of the surgeon.

Surgeon-Controlled Tissue Shift
Achieve desired issue shift with a solution that puts the surgeon in control. With the BIORAPTOR Knotless Anchor, calculated tissue shift occurs after anchor implantation, similar to that of traditional knotted anchors.

May save time while protecting the joint
By eliminating the knot-tying step, surgeons may save time with less procedural steps and benefit from a solution that minimizes the risk of intra-articular damage due to knot stacks.

Ordering Information

Ref. #        Description
72202397   BIORAPTOR™ Knotless Anchor (Hip length inserter)
72202403   BIORAPTOR Knotless Anchor (Shoulder length inserter)

Instruments Color Coded System
72202399   BIORAPTOR Knotless Inline Drill Guide, spike tip
72202400   BIORAPTOR Knotless Inline Drill Guide, crown tip
72202793   BIORAPTOR Knotless Inline Obturator, cannulated
72202792   BIORAPTOR Knotless Inline Obturator, blunt
72201395   BIORAPTOR Knotless Drill bit, 2.9 mm

Suture Passing
ACCU-PASS™ Disposable Suture Shuttles, #1 Monofilament 48" included

7210423     ACCU-PASS 45 (deg), left, sterile
7210424     ACCU-PASS 45 (deg), right, sterile
7210425     ACCU-PASS 45 (deg), upbend, sterile
7210426     ACCU-PASS Straight, sterile
72200419   ACCU-PASS 70 (deg), upbend, sterile
72201361   ACCU-PASS monofilament, size #1, single pack, sterile, box of 10

ARTHRO-PIERCE™ Reusable Suture Shuttles
72202683  ARTHRO-PIERCE XL Instrument, straight
72202586  ARTHRO-ROUND XL Instrument, straight
7209829    ARTHRO-PIERCE Premium Instrument System

System Includes:
7209496   ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, straight
7209497   ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 45 (deg) right
7209498   ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 45 (deg) left
7209499   ARTHRO-PIERCE Instrument, 35 (deg) up




BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchor Technique Animation

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Arthroscopic Hip Labral Repair Using the BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchor
by Srino Bharam, MD

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BIORAPTOR Knotless Suture Anchor Brochure

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