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4.0mm Blade


Arthroscopic hip surgeons can rely on the BEAVER® Blade from Smith & Nephew for swift and consistent cuts while preforming capsulotomies, labral takedown and psoas tendon release procedures1. Disposable blade provides a fresh, sharp blade for each procedure.

With its extreme sharpness, curved geometry and long handle, the BEAVER 4.0 mm Blade is designed to swiftly cut labral tissue and tendons and puncture the hip capsule with minimal effort.

  • Sharp, disposable blade for each procedure
  • Banana shape conforms to the hip's anatomy
  • Blade's design allows for cutting from all sides
  • Long, ergonomic handle allows for preferred “pencil grip”



  1. ITR 15001327 Competitive peak force competitive testing, 11/18/2011. Data on file at Smith & Nephew

Beaver® is a registered trademark of BVI.

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72203307 BEAVER 4.0 mm Blades, Box of 6
72203308 BEAVER handle and wrench