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The human touch has an amazing power to aid healing. So simple, and yet so transformative.

At Smith & Nephew, we’ve taken this truth to heart, embracing a more human approach to wound management.


is designed to offer confidence and
simplicity with power and portability.
This facilitates effective therapy while
supporting individualised patient care
from the hospital to the home.


  • An intuitive touchscreen puts a friendly face on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). The device is designed to be simple to learn and use, helping you streamline therapy delivery
  • Adjustable volume, compression rates and therapy modes
    enable adaptive, individualised care that optimises the patient
  • Small and designed for comfort and discretion, RENASYS TOUCH helps enable patients to maintain their lifestyle while receiving therapy5,6
  • In addition to locking the user interface, placing the device into Patient Mode restricts access to therapy settings, giving you the confidence that therapy is being delivered as it was intended
  • Clear audible and visual alarm cues provide easy assessment of alarm states with built in troubleshooting assistance to guide you through a quick resolution
  • A built in quick reference guide and troubleshooting assistance provides device operation guidance at the touch of a button, helping to reduce therapy interruption and enabling prompt return to therapy

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For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, effects, precautions, warnings, and important safety information, please consult product’s Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to use.
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Designed for simplicity and individual solutions

Flexibility through choice.

Smith & Nephew’s commitment to pioneering research has led to the development of RENASYS TOUCH, a powerful device designed for simplicity.

RENASYS TOUCH leverages the latest in component technology and advanced software processing to create a user interface that is easy to navigate while delivering accurate, consistent performance.

 User-friendly operating control  Leak assessment  Adjustable compression rate

User-friendly operating control

- Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface with enhanced operating control
- Set and start therapy from Home screen
- One press to Settings, Log and Help menus

Leak assessment

- Flow Meter aids in promptly locating and resolving alarms enabling responsive clinical intervention
- Leak check during draw down promotes confident dressing application 

Adjustable compression rate

- Selective control over the time it takes to reach the set vacuum level
- Maximises patient experience based upon wound conditions and pain tolerance1

 Advanced therapy selection  Onboard education tools  Therapy logs

Advanced therapy selection

- Large range of therapy set points (-25 to -200mmHg) for a variety of wound types
- Intermittent therapy set points
(0 to -200mmHg) and cycle times may be adjusted for precise control of NPWT delivery 




On-board education and assistance tools

- Access to quick reference guide, troubleshooting assistance
and customer service contact information empowers patients and caregivers for improved bedside autonomy
- Access to user guide information provides users with a reference to address technical questions at any time

Daily and detailed therapy logs

- Comprehensive therapy data on the device, provides confidence that therapy is being adhered to
- Visibility to utilisation provides the ability to identify therapy indications 



Multiple use configurations

- Carry bag and straps allow for
discrete mobility and enhanced
patient wellbeing
- Self-standing device, with a
kickstand option to optimise
viewing angle and stability
        Renasys carry bag

 Renasys Touch with stand

1. Martin R., The use of different levels of negative pressure during NPWT. 2015, Smith & Nephew, Hull. 


RENASYS TOUCH ordering information

Description Smith & Nephew product code
RENASYS TOUCH device 66801280
RENASYS TOUCH 300ml canister with solidifier 66801273
RENASYS TOUCH 300ml canister without solidifier 66801275
RENASYS TOUCH 800ml canister with solidifier 66801274
RENASYS TOUCH carry straps 66801276
RENASYS TOUCH carry bag 66801277
RENASYS TOUCH clinician user manual 66801287
RENASYS TOUCH home healthcare user manual 66801288
RENASYS TOUCH service manual 66801289
RENASYS TOUCH o-ring 66801283
RENASYS TOUCH odour filter 66801284
RENASYS TOUCH IV/Bed pole clamp 66801278



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