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Odour and Desloughing

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Iodosorb Cadexomer Matrix with Iodine




Odour Control



Odour is generated by wounds which are infected and heavily colonised by both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. Odour is attributed to the volatiles produced by the bacteria within a wound 4,5. Therefore, control of such bacteria should also control the associated odour.



Desloughing Properties



"Ulcers treated with Cadexomer Iodine showed significantly more rapid desloughing and healing than those treated with a standard dressing" 16


Wound fluid, containing bacteria and cellular debris, is readily drawn up into the Cadexomer matrix cleansing the wound bed of extra debris and bacteria, thereby helping to promote wound healing. This desloughing and removal of bacteria is believed to be responsible for the increase in wound healing rates and the rate of epithelialisation observed in clinical studies of chronic leg ulcers after treatment with Iodosorb 7,8,13,16