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Applying Iodosorb Ointment

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Applying Iodosorb Ointment





Image of a wound being cleaned with a syringe.

Step 1:

Thoroughly clean the wound and surrounding area with a gentle stream of sterile water or saline. Remove excess fluid, leaving wound surface slightly moist.

, sterile non-adherent piece of gauze.

Step 2:

Apply Iodosorb ointment directly to a dry, appropriate secondary dressing such as Opsite* Post Op or Allevyn* depending on the level of exudate , ensuring sufficient ointment to cover all parts of the wound.


Step 3:

Position prepared dressing onto the wound.

Image of Iodosorb ointment being lightly smoothed over a wound.

Step 4:

Lightly smooth a gloved finger over the dressing to spread the ointment underneath to the shape of the wound and to a depth of 3mm.


Step 5:

Apply compression bandaging where appropriate.


Step 6:

Discard remaining contents of tube after application.

Application animation of Iodosorb Ointment

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Iodosorb tube