Third Party Seller Compliance Programme

In many regions, we rely on Third Party Representatives to do business on our behalf. They play a vital role for us and in doing so must comply with applicable laws, industry codes and the Smith & Nephew Code of Conduct. We also rely on other service providers, such as suppliers, advisers and consultants. We take all reasonable steps to select service providers that are committed to compliance with the law and ethical behaviour.

We select Third Party Representatives based on their qualifications, reliability and adherence to applicable laws and our values. We take reasonable care in selecting them and do appropriate reviews from time to time. We require that they commit to adhere to the law and the Smith & Nephew Code of Conduct and that they have the training and tools to do so.

We never authorise or allow a Third Party Representative or other service provider to act improperly on our behalf. We are alert to indicators that service providers are behaving improperly, including those identified on our compliance website, and we bring them to the attention of our compliance professionals.

If you are a Third Party Representative under contract with Smith & Nephew, click here to access compliance tools and resources. This is a restricted site. You must have a user id and password to login. If you have not received a user id or password, please contact Monika Waser.