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Territory Manager, Sports Medicine, UK

"I started my career in the retail sector selling electronics to consumers, before moving to the medical devices industry working for a distributor selling a wide range of products.  I wanted to join Smith & Nephew because the role is much more specialist and the company offers specialised training.

"I spend the vast majority of my time in the operating theatre. On the days that I’m working in theatre, my day will start by joining the theatre team briefing, going through the operating list, checking stocks between surgeries and catching up with other people and surgeons in the department. I can get around my whole territory in a day, which means that I can also visit several hospitals in the same day.

"There’s a lot that I like about my role. I love being able to work in operating theatres; it’s a very privileged role to be in. The job is very dynamic - no two days are ever really the same. And working in Sports Medicine means that I get to see different types of surgeries which keeps the job really interesting.

"Due to the nature of orthopaedic surgery, as a rep, you spend a lot of time with your surgeons and you can build up really good relationships. I feel that I can have very open conversations with the surgeons I support: I can challenge them and they challenge me. It’s a healthy relationship and means that I’m learning and developing my knowledge every day.

"I’m not in an office based job, but my team is very close. We’re on the phone a lot and the atmosphere is very supportive. There’s a diverse range of experience, we all bring different things to the team.

"If I had to summarise my experience at Smith & Nephew so far, I would say that I’ve been given excellent training, I work in an excellent team and I have a great job – I just love it, even if that does sound a bit cheesy!"


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